Sunday, December 4, 2011

Family Christmas Card

This year the family decided we wanted to do ugly Christmas sweater Christmas cards.  My brother, sister and I had done one of the three of us a couple of years ago but wanted to expand this year.  We also wanted to include pets.  Needless to say, getting a photo where all six people and four dogs were looking at the camera was no easy task.  Also, my uncle had just gotten to town and the boys were itching to get to the river for 4-wheelers, guns and dirt-you know, man stuff.  We hurriedly took about 150 photos.  Here were some out takes:  (Bubba had a different pose in almost every shot.)

Bubba testing the remote.  I have laughed and laughed at this one.  He looks so deranged.

So then we took a few individual/couple shots.  Here were the winners:

Bubba holding a mini Christmas tree like a lumber jack.  Because all lumberjacks have a fancy Christmas vest, right???

Me and Jovie!

Jeremy, Cortney and Pate

Mom, Dad, Isabella and Piper

And here is the front of the Christmas card:

The inside of the card reads, "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is wearing a fancy Christmas sweater!"  They are being printed by (love them!) on recycled paper so the "enviros" in the family can send them out guilt free.  :) 

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