Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Cookie Bash 2011

Each year my cousin, Angela (or as I call her, Gayla--yes, the same cousin from the Christmas photos) makes dozens of sugar cookies and she and her family invite friends over to decorate.  Her aunt makes adorable kid-sized aprons for each of the children so they don't frost their clothes.  Everyone had a great time and I tried to capture some of the fun in the midst of decorating some cookies myself.  It's just so fun!  Here are some photos from the 2011 edition.  Special thanks to Wade for watching Jovie!

The Girls
R & B
G & D
Isn't she lovely?!
Showing that cookie who's boss
Ammy and Me
Concentration is key.
A steady hand....
...makes the best fanny pack!  I SO loved this.  lol
Oh Christmas tree

One guess who loves sprinkles this much :)
Christmas Cookie Fun!
The End
This is a great activity for kids (young and old) and their friends and family.  I highly recommend it and know they love this Christmas tradition!

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