Monday, October 31, 2011

My Paranormal Activity

I'm not generally one to believe in ghosts or spirits of the third kind.  When I was a high school cheerleader, our coach, Mrs. Sturdevant, told the BEST ghost stories.  She lived on a supposed Indian burial ground so that set the tone and then she would tell us the all about lights coming on for no reason, doors opening and closing on their own-even a full box of laundry detergent she found dumped in her washing machine.  I loved her stories-we all did.  While I loved her stories, I never experienced anything like that in my own life...until now.  And in honor of Halloween I thought I'd share.

Last Saturday, I got up around 5:00 a.m. for a drink of water.  My glasses were laying at the top of the bed.  As I went to get up, the mattress shifted and the glasses clattered to the ground.  Thinking I'd just get them a little later, I left them.  As I stumbled back to my bed by the light of my phone (seriously, what did we do before the iPhone?).  I stopped dead in my tracks and my jaw dropped.  The glasses were back on my bed.  In a flash, my real lights were on-as in every light in my apartment.  (I turned them all on--not a ghost.)  And I was on my hands and knees convinced something else must have fallen.  Only to find nothing.  There was absolutely nothing under the bed.  Was I dreaming, sleep walking, hearing things?  Or did the unthinkable happen and something put them back on the bed for me.  Crazy, right?


I realize as far as "ghost stories" go, this is one of the weakest.  But I can't explain what happened and it's been bugging me since!

Happy Halloween!!!

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