Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Change is Hard

Zooey Deschanel had it right when she wrote the song "Change is Hard" because change is ALWAYS hard.  If you don't know what I mean by the Zooey Deschanel reference, as soon as you finish reading this blog post you should check out the band She & Him-one of my very favorites.

A week or so ago I was offered a position at Cothran Development Strategies, Inc.  I gave this offer many days and sleepless nights of careful thought and consideration, made a pro/con list and prayed.

I won't leave you in suspense.  After all this thinking, list making and praying, I decided the offer was too good to pass up.  I accepted and am now the Director of PR!!!

While I'm excited about all the possibilities that surround this new position, a part of me is sad to leave my very first job out of college.  I have made many wonderful friends while there (like my friends Amy and Jeannie I mention from time to time in blogs) and I really enjoyed what I did in the Corporate Communications department (which was primarily recognition if you were wondering).  That job allowed me to develop my design and writing skills as well as help with huge events and work with people all over the United States and Canada.  It's the only "real" job I've ever known and it's because of that job that this other door has opened for me.  It has been wonderful and tomorrow will be my last day.  I am sure I will put the skills I've learned at PPL to good use at CDS and will hopefully continue to grow and develop professionally.

As for Violet and Grey, it will remain the same on the blog, but I won't be taking on as many clients for freelance work.  So this is where you can still find me for the latest happening or book/movie review.

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