Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Mom!

My mom and me on my first birthday.
She has a wicked, dark sense of humor (along the lines of Far Side comics).  She likes to watch 30 Rock with me ("It's not a leash.  It's a really long skin tag!").  She and my dad created their own recipe for salsa that is amazing (seriously-I think people at work might kidnap me and hold me ransom for some).  She grows most of the ingredients for said salsa in her garden.  She can sew and cook like no one else and she takes care of the family without fail.  She is a grammar wiz.  She's just like Martha Stewart....only nicer and prettier.  She's my mom and has been since the day I was born.....obviously!

And just for fun, here is a letter my brother dictated to my mom in 1995.  He was five years old and it was a school project:

It's funny that he mentions brushing teeth.  My mom was so hardcore about teeth brushing.  And all thanks to her, the mouths of me and my brother and sister have been cavity free.....forever.  Thanks, Mom!!!

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