Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Cortney!

Me (left) and Cortney (right)...happy, happy, happy!

Cortney is my sister!  For those of you who don't know her, here are 10 fun facts about her in honor of her birthday:

10.  We are only 11 months apart so for the next few weeks, we will be the same age.

9.  She hates most blogs but is a faithful reader of this one!  Always good to leave a comment and we agree on most everything-exept what Rue from the Hunger Games should look like.

8.  She is an animal lover and has a very tender heart.  When we were little, she watched Bambi until she wore out the VHS tape.  Also, one time my dad found a den of wild baby rabbits in the pasture and put them in a pet taxi.  I thought I'd open it and pet one.  It got away and the cat pounced.  Cortney saw all of this and stood in the yard wailing.

7.  She's a Truman Scholar and wore the coveted orange robe at her OSU graduation (though I don't think those things are related, they are both very impressive.)  She is an engineer (agricultural, biosystems and environmental).  And while at OSU, she played on intramural flag football and softball teams with names like Ninjaneers and Enginerds with other engineering majors at Oklahoma State.  She and her husband are 100% OSU Cowboys fans.

6.  She has traveled all over the world, but her favorite place is Washington, DC.

5.  Before she moved to Colorado we went to a salon together and cut all of our hair off.  It was donated to Locks of Love and we have both since grown it back out.

4.  She is the biggest Jane Austen fan in the entire world and her favorite Jane Austen work is Pride and Prejudice.

3.  She is very outgoing and can talk/make friends with anyone.

2.  She was an FFA State Officer.

1.  She's a Christian and can quote more Bible than anyone else I know.  She always does the right thing even if it's the hard thing.

So to everything my beautiful (inside and out) sister has been and to everything she will become, here is to Cortney, the one who sat beside me while we at bologna sandwiches in the bed of a pickup truck at the river:

Happy Birthday!

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