Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Candace

Here are a few highlights:

Day 1:  Frontier City, Falcone's Pizza (one of my favorites), a carriage ride and the Bricktown Candy Co.

When I was a lot younger and my parents took my brother, sister and me to Frontier City, we always sat on this tiger for a photo.  I'm a lot bigger now.

This was one of my favorite rides at Frontier City but I cannot remember what it's called.

A wall full of soda at the Bricktown Candy Co.

Day 2:  The OKC Zoo and the Melting Pot with Bubba!

The Elephants are back at the OKC Zoo.....and they have a baby!!!  If you've seen my logo, you know I LOVE elephants.  I was very excited to see them.

The giant Galapagos Turtles!!  They are massive and beautiful with a certain ancient quality that I love.  There were signs posted with "We Bite" but there was also this supposed non-English speaking family behind us.  They had two small children and the old man with them picked up some hay and gave it to one of the kids to feed to the turtle.  I stood watching, fascinated.  The turtle was leaning in close to eat (possibly some fingers) and just at the last second the turtle keeper ran over and pushed the turtle back.  

When we left the pachyderm building, this peacock was loose outside and fighting itself in the bumper of a truck.  Due to the fact that it was distracted, I had ample opportunity to snap a few photos.  Lovely!

I also liked the koi pond!!

My first time to eat at the Melting Pot and it was divine!  Can't wait to go again.  Yummy!  And special thanks to my friend Dianne on the best menu selections.  Wisconsin Trio was delicious!  And the 
bananas with the dessert chocolate were the best!

Day 3:  The Oklahoma Aquarium

An albino turtle.

The living coral.  So beautiful.

Shark feed.  Can you believe all those people crammed in that little tunnel?  I would have lost it.

A jellyfish.  So colorful and one of my favorites.

Today is my actual birthday and my beautiful cousin Holly reminded me this morning, "always remember you are still very blessed and have lots of people who love you!"  Just what I needed to hear.  And thanks to her, my parents and all of the sweet birthday wishes from friends and family sent via text, email, Facebook and phone calls, I can't help but think I really do have an amazing life full of wonderful people and have had a truly amazing birthday.  Thank you everyone!!


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