Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"If Nothing is Going Well Call Your Grandmother" Italian Proverb

The Italians had it right.  Grandmas have all the answers and are more than happy to be there anytime you need anything....or at least mine is.

When my first boyfriend and I broke up (many, many years ago) I was shocked and so very sad.  My parents weren't crazy about him so I couldn't talk to them.  My friends were probably tired of hearing about it and as I drove home for lunch one day I was a big ball of unsettled emotions.  I pulled into the driveway only to find my grandpa's truck.  He was working on something outside my parent's house but inside the truck was my grandma.  I climbed inside with her and she was more than happy to counsel me over my very recent heartbreak.  And yes, I made a full recovery.

She's also the woman who told me how models pose nude without really showing anything.  Ha!  And is famous for saying, "I'm going to rip your arm off and beat you with the bloody stub!", calling us "dummies" when we were, well, acting like dummies and making the best food you've ever eaten including my personal favorite: chocolate gravy.  I love this woman and she has a very special place in my heart.  She's always been on my side and a great cheerleader and supporter for everything in my life.  

This past week while I was working an event in OKC, she was admitted to the hospital with a scary and dangerously low platelet count.  I will spare you all the stats and details but she ended up having to have three bags of platelets and is now on steroids to prevent them from dropping so rapidly.  She also underwent a bone marrow biopsy.  We are still waiting on the results from that test.  It is safe to say without the platelets, she might not have made it.  

In Oklahoma, we are blessed with the Oklahoma Blood Institute.  I have set up an account in her name: Erra Timmons (pronounced "Ear-ah") and anyone in Oklahoma can donate in her name to help offset the cost of the much needed blood products.  Also, if you have donated in the last year, you may add those donations to her account as well.  Jeremiah and I are going to donate platelets here in Ada on Thursday and I'd like to encourage everyone to donate also!  It doesn't have to be platelets.  It can be any blood product.  And you don't have to be a match.  What you donate won't actually go to her, but she will be credited with your donation. 

At this time nothing is really "going well" for my grandmother and I'd like to try to change that.  Blood donation is easy and something we can all (for the most part) do.  Thank you in advance and remember DONATING SAVES LIVES!

To set up a donation appointment in Ada, call Roberta at (580) 559-0421.  When you get there, they will ask you during the first part of your appointment if you are donating for a group or on anyone's behalf.  The key words are, "I'd like to credit my donation to Erra Timmons."  If you are not in Ada and would like to donate, click here for a list of Donor Center locations and phone numbers in Oklahoma.

If you have donated in the last year and would like to have that applied to her account, you can call Shelly Thomas at (580) 559-0417.

Please keep her in your prayers!!  

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