Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hunger Games: The Movie: Mrs. Everdeen, District 3

A few more for you....and yes, if you haven't noticed, the people in charge of the movie are extremely enjoying sprinkling only a few names at a time and it's driving the Hunger Games crazed fans wild.  Excitement is definitely building with each new name and face and when the movie finally comes out it's going to be huge!

Mrs. Everdeen:  Paula Malcomson

District 12's resident "healer" is said to once have been a real beauty but after a hard life in the Seam, losing her husband in the coal mine, deep depression, raising two daughters on her own and then having to bid one farewell to the games have taken their toll.  Paula is perfect for this part.  She is far from unattractive but has that look of hard sadness that this role requires.  She has been in numerous TV series, including:  Caprica, Sons of Anarchy, The Event, ER and Deadwood.  She's seasoned and she has the look.  She's going to be great!!!

District 3 Girl Tribute:  Kalia Prescott

Kalia will play the unnamed girl tribute from District Three.  She was an uncredited extra in the movie Where the Wild Things Are and has been a stunt double in Red Dawn and The Sandta Clause 3: The Escape Clause.  Sadly, this character dies on the first day during the bloodbath at the Cornucopia so not much will be seen of her.

District 3 Boy Tribute:  Ian Nelson

This young little lad will get to play the tribute who is credited with collecting the land mines from the Cornucopia and reactivating them to protect the Career's food supply.  Foxface manipulates this system to steal food for herself until Katniss brings it all down with her trusty bow and arrows.  Once the Career  food supply is destroyed, the Careers have no use for him and snap his neck.  Ian has no acting history but this will make a nice first "job" for him.  

Extra news:  Kristen Bell and Max Adler

Both Kristen and Max have their eyes on a part in the Hunger Games movies trilogy.  Kristen wants to be Johanna Mason.  Kristen calls The Hunger Games trilogy a wonderfully engaging story about a young female gladiator and she read the first book in one day.  I'd like to see her as Johanna and hope this works out for her.  Loving the enthusiasm!!

Max is best known for his roll on Glee where he plays a bully.  He's gunning for the role of District 2 Tribute, Cato.  Big and douchey?  Yes, I think this is a nice fit.  

In other, sadder news:  John C. Reilly

John C. Reilly is rumored to be in talks to play Haymitch.  To say I am not happy about this is a gross understatement.  He has one role that he is capable of playing and it is that of an obnoxious, belligerent drunk-acting low IQ person.  Haymitch is more of a brooding, angry, calculating drunk with deep dark secrets.  Clearly John C. Reilly lacks such depth.  I cannot stand to watch anything with John C. Reilly and his constant slurred-drunk-lisp speak.  IMDB describes him as having "a homely mug, lumbering gait and unruly mop of curly hair tailor-made for offbeat character work."  My biggest issue is that while Haymitch is supposed to be rough around the edges (and Reilly has this in hand), he is also somewhat respected as he is responsible for mentoring the tributes from District 12 while they are in the Games.  And John C. Reilly is NOT Hunger Games mentor material.  In the third book, we learn he he once had a love interest and I cannot fathom someone being in love with John C. Reilly.  It is also rumored that he is in talks with another production: Oz: The Great and Powerful.  James Franco is set to star in Oz and let's all hope John C. Reilly takes that one instead of Hunger Games.  John C. Reilly rant over for now.

Filming is scheduled to begin in the next few weeks in North Carolina!!! 

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