Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Day was Easter

The place was Wilmar Farm.  My family was sitting outside in the yard under the beautiful, giant trees.  The kids had already hunted and re-hunted Easter eggs after a delicious Easter dinner, which followed the morning church service.

It was at this time my grandpa told me that the weather we have on Easter is what the weather will be like for the seven following Sundays.  And call it coincidence, but he was right on that year.

So every year on Easter-even if he was "pulling my leg"-I take special note of what the weather is like on Easter and see if it matches the seven Sundays after.

This year, in Oklahoma, we may be in the middle of days and days of thunderstorms on Easter.  We will see.  And we will see if the seven Sundays after are stormy also.

Happy Easter!

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