Thursday, March 17, 2011

Candace's DC Adventure: Day 3

When my alarm went off very early this morning, it felt as though I had just laid down moments earlier, but I had a flight home to catch (yes, short trip) so hitting "snooze" more than one time was out of the question.  

Jeannie and I checked out of Sofitel and got in the cab that was waiting to take us back to Baltimore.  It was very cold and the taxi driver never turned on the heat.  Brrrrrrrr.  We arrived the airport and got some breakfast.  When we went to wait at our gate, we found some seats and a woman watched us.  We sat down and reorganized our belongings.  She stared.  I took a sip of my drink.  She stared.  Jeannie and I sat there chatting.  She stared.  I opened my chocolate-covered pretzels (yes, I realize I just had breakfast but I needed some chocolate!).  She stared.  So as I began to eat my pretzels, I stared right back at her.  I opened my mouth extra wide as I chomped down, all the while maintaining eye contact with her.  If she wants a show, this is just my opening act.  Finally she purses her lips, shakes her shoulders and moves to a seat where she can no longer see me.  

We finally get on the plane (separate seats again) and the man I sit by is completely annoyed by the fact that I sneeze.  If you know me, you know I sneeze-a lot.  I'm not sick I am just allergic to the world.  And yes, I take meds for it.  I'm just fine with the way I am and the fact that I sneeze but this man definitely was not.  He gave me an, "UUUUUGGGGGHHHH" and tried to slide away from me each time, which is impossible when flying United Air because the seats are so close together you're basically in a pile instead of in a row.  And it wasn't as if I was sneezing on him.  I covered my mouth with the crook of my arm just like you're supposed to.  
Anyway, the next flight was much better.  I sat in what would senior citizen section of the plane (unofficially).  One of my neighbors worked on her crossword puzzles while the other began to read a John Grisham book.  Every so often she would look up from her book, get my attention and give me a huge smile.  There was the faint sell of Icy Hot but no one tried to tell me about recent or upcoming surgeries, illness or their grandchildren so it all worked out.  If only I could have gotten some Ensure through security.....(Yes, I really do love Ensure-rich dark chocolate flavor is my favorite.)  I fell asleep and when I woke up, the smiley lady was on chapter eight.  Ahhhhhhh, nice nap.
While waiting for our luggage, I saw a guy about my age picking his nose like he'd put something in his sinus cavity that he wanted to retrieve later and now was later.  I was so shocked at what I was witnessing I didn't think to get my phone out and take a photo.  But believe me when I say, there was a good 2/3 of his finger fishing around up in there.  That equals one part gross and one part......determination?  

One last thing:  Before I left on my trip, my flower bed looked like this:

When I arrived home, it looked like this:

While I was away working, Jeremiah was hard at work taking care of some landscaping that was long over due.  In my opinion, he did a fabulous job.  I love it and he even included my beloved flower bed gnomes and a splash of orange for my OSU Cowboys!  His never-ending kindness and thoughtful surprises are only a couple of the reasons I am thankful I can call him mine.  

So, great trip and I am now safely home with a beautiful, new flower bed and a boyfriend who I have the most fun with.  

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