Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Candace's DC Adventure: Day 2

All the magic happened today!  Here is my work place for the day:

No, not Roto-Rooter....The United States Chamber of Commerce!

The day began with testimonials in one of the meeting rooms and ended with an event in the Hall of Flags.  It all went really well.  Had a great time with the crew and the people we were shooting.  I walked around with a permanent smile and meant it.  So happy to be in our nation's capitol and, of course, I aways appreciate a job well done.

The Top 10 Things I love about Washington D.C.:
10:  When looking for a Coke, the security guard at the desk said, "Walk around the corner to Muhammad."  They know their street vendors by name!
9:  Starbucks is readily available almost anywhere.
8:  There is history all around you.
7:  I could be wrong but it seems like someone from almost any country in the world could be found at any given time in Washington DC.
6:  Hotel Sofitel  Life is magnifique.
5:  Cherry Blossom Trees!
4:  Sweet potato French fries at Blackfinn.
3:  Paper Source has a location here!
2:  No matter what time I would out and about (and for all of you who worry about me-it wasn't ever an unreasonable hour) there was always people out running.  That city has to have more runners than anywhere else I've ever been.  And who can blame them?  It would never get old.  There is always something to look at and they have really nice walkways.
1:  Almost everyone I saw was in either business clothes.

Here are a few more trip highlights.  I truly didn't leave the Chamber today but finally got the photos off the camera:

The SunTrust building.  I think this is the prettiest building I've ever seen.

A view of the US Capitol from 15th Street.

Washington Monument

The National WWII Memorial with a view of the of the Lincoln Memorial in the distance.

The National WWII Memorial with the Washington Monument and US Capitol in the distance.

Lincoln Memorial.  My favorite.

This is a tree that has grown so large that it's grown up and around some of the concrete sidewalk.  I was impressed by this.  And I really like trees.

That is all I have for now.  Great, happy day!

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