Sunday, March 13, 2011

Candace’s DC Adventure: Day 1

Jeannie and I set out very early this morning.  We had a midday flight in Dallas and were a little extra stressed about the time change.  We made it on time with no problems and then headed to switch planes in Charlotte.  While walking to our next flight, I saw this man:

Yes, actually, he IS wearing a "Utilikilt."  Never heard of such a thing???  Me either!  You can see more here.  But I'll warn you, they are very proud of their product and have some sort of Utilikilt "evangelist" program.  Not to worry, I didn't talk to him....only took his photo on the conveyer belt.  

Once we boarded the second flight, Karma showed up and I had a terrible case of motion sickness.  A little Ginger Ale later, I was good as new.  Jeannie and I collected our bags and found the most American-looking driver we could find....who turned out to be Russian and possibly a race car driver in his spare time.  He drove us-very quickly-from Baltimore to our hotel in DC.  Here is the mad scientist I saw at the hotel.  We rode the elevator with him:

I don't actually know he's a mad scientist but he does have Einstein hair.

We got to our room and discovered we still have a precious few minutes of daylight left so off we went on Jeannie's two-hour tour of DC!  Upon stepping out of our hotel, this is the view:

My first real glimpse of DC and......It. was. amazing.  I love it.  First we saw the White House.  It's smaller than I thought it would be.  Of all the people we walked past, very few-if any, were speaking English.  It's amazing to me that so many people who possibly, maybe probably, aren't from here and the capitol of our nation means so much to them.  There was a protest at the White House gates against nuclear power and weapons.  Then we went to the Washington Monument, which you can see in the distance in the pic above.  Then we made our way to the WWII Memorial.  (I don't have a photo of this at the moment but you can see what it looks like here.)  The plaza, fountain and all the pillars were lighted.  It was meaningful and beautiful.  As my sister is a Truman Scholar, this quote in particular stood out to me, "Our debt to the heroic men and valiant women in the service of our county can never be repaid.  They have earned our undying gratitude .  America will never forget their sacrifices," Harry S Truman.  Then, we walked and walked to see................

Honest Abe at the Lincoln Memorial!!!!  So worth the walk.  This was my favorite so far.  There were about a million jr. high/high school children running around.  After meeting Mr. Lincoln, we started the trek back to our hotel.  Along the way passing magnificent buildings, fabulous architecture and more honking horns than I've heard in a while.  (They weren't honking at us-traffic was crazy.)  And then we happened upon this:

The Daughters of the American Revolution.  For those of you who watched Gilmore Girls, I can only say this:
Blind date Lorelai's mom invited to dinner to set her up with: "Are you a member of the DAR, Lorelai?"
Lorelai: "No, D-A-R-N!"

Ha!  Even after all these years, that still makes me laugh.  Anyway, we made it back to our hotel, ordered dinner and now I'm typing this.  Tomorrow is going to be packed with lots of fun and lots of work and lots of people!  I'm having a great time here and will post another update when I can. Time for me to get some zzzzzzzzzzz

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  1. I love your adventures Candace! Are you there for work or play? Be safe, don't get on the subway after dark ok.