Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Nerf Zombie" Birthday Party

Welcome to Violet and Grey, LLC!  This year has already been both busy and fabulous.  Starting this company has been one of the best decisions made in my short 25 years.  I am passionate about designing and am probably the most organized person I know.

My first official event was for CJ, who just turned 10 last week.  He loves scary movies-especially if there are zombies involved and he is also obsessed with Nerf Guns.  So we decided to combine the two for a "Nerf Zombie" extravaganza!

From invitations to Nerf blinds and actual "zombies" showing up at the party, a great time was had by all and in the words of the birthday boy, "That was the best party everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"  And that's what counts!

Party Details:

  • Location:  ECU Ballroom
  • Decorations:  Paper lanterns, streamers, metallic fringe, USDA certified brain centerpieces :) and balloons......lots and lots of balloons!
  • Colors:  red, lime green, yellow and black repeated throughout on most everything.  There were also hints of orange (due to the fact that a lot of Nerf guns are orange or have orange parts).
  • Party Favors:  "Zombie Survival Kits" which contained a personalized Jones Soda, "Boo Boo Licks" candy, "Flesh Fries" candy, Slime Gum Balls, Slime Putty, Sticky Hands, Zombie Teeth, Gummy Brains and "Blood Bag" candy.
  • Entertainment:  When zombies arrived, CJ and his friends had to battle to save the party!
  • Food:  Meat and Cheese Platters with Crackers, Spinach Dip and Hawaiian Bread, Chips and Dips, Drinks dispensed from IV dispensers and a Nerf gun-shaped cake (big thank you to Angie!)


  1. AWESOME! What a wonderful idea.
    Judy B.

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