Monday, February 28, 2011

B H L D N: Anthropologie's New Wedding Line

Anthropologie has always been one of my favorites.  From clothing and accessories to home decor and furniture, Anthropologie is one of those places that makes the heart sing!  To see what I'm talking about, click here.

Their attention to detail and quality materials-not to mention, original design and visionary creativity-set them apart from the Hollisters and A√©ropostales of the world (not that those are even comparable).  And so it came as a great thrill when they announced a new wedding shop called BHLDN.  

BHLDN is pronounced "beholden" and was inspired by the Dutch word for "to keep."  What's even more fantastic about this line is it was released......deep breath here.......on Valentine's Day!  Two of my favorite things: Anthropologie's new BHLDN (yes, a fast favorite) AND it was released on my very favorite holiday!  It's like all the stars aligned and the fates said, "Here you go, Candace, this is for you.  Enjoy!"  So, to say that I love this new line would be an understatement.  There's not really anything I dislike about any of it.  I mean, can something be too classy?  Are there limits to perfection?  

This line is complete, carrying heirloom-quality wedding gowns, shoes, maids' dresses, accessories, jewelry, lingerie, hair adornments and cover-ups.  And they cover all manner of styles and silhouettes: classic, bohemian, traditional, etherial and modern, but the one always common denominator is pretty.  Everything is pretty!  Ruffles, jewels, flowers, feathers, beads, lace and pearls.  For the girl who loves all things girly-this is the place for ultimate frills and elegance.  I've compiled some of my favorite pieces below.  To see more, click here.

And to dispel any rumors:  No, I am not engaged or planning my wedding or picking out my dress.  I'm simply a wedding planner gushing about fine new wedding materials that I think other women/brides-to-be might enjoy and possibly even love as much as I do.  However, if/when I do decide to take a husband, chances are good that BHLDN will be my first shopping stop.  

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